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Why RPZ Testing is Important

RPZ testing is extremely important to ensure your plumbing system is not susceptible to drawing in contaminated groundwater. Illinois state law requires RPZ (reduced pressure zone) valves to be installed in commercial and residential plumbing systems, and to be certified annually by a licensed professional. Here is some information on why yearly certification is so important.

A Potentially Big Problem
Plumbing systems are typically designed to keep water at a specific pressure in order to keep it flowing normally. However, if that pressure falls, contaminated groundwater can enter a system, leading to a potentially serious issue known as backflow. As the pressure gets lower, water flows in the wrong direction, or backflows, bringing in water used by appliances and industrial equipment. Water containing pesticides or fertilizers from landscaping could infiltrate the drinking supply as well.

There are several reasons why backflow can occur, such as:

  • Water pressure may drop suddenly due to a nearby main break.
  • The fire department may have to tap into a hydrant.
  • Small fluctuations in the city water main may take place.

The RPZ Valve

In order to keep this problem from happening, an RPZ valve must be installed to protect not only your facility’s water supply, but that of your city as well. In a nutshell, the device consists of two independent valves with a chamber in between that monitors water pressure. The valve is designed to ensure a constant flow of safe water even if the pressure fluctuates.

RPZ valves don’t last forever, so RPZ certifications are legally required on an annual basis. RPZ certification must be done by a certified technician such as Dupage Home Service. .

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